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Friday, July 31, 2015

UCCE & CVP: Send To VRU Problem

Yesterday I faced a fairly common problem that occurs when ICM scripts are created. This problem is very common in deployments where ICM integrates with CVP. When a call comes an ICM script and the script comes to Send To VRU node, it gets to an unsuccessful terminal of Send To VRU, i.e. in fact this node does not process correctly, and the caller hears either busy tone, or the system error message.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

UCCX 10.5 Client Configuration Tool Error

Good morning,

Yesterday I had an issue with CAD installation for UCCX 10.5. As you know before installing CAD on Windows PC it is necessary to run Client Configuration Tool. However, when we run it on Windows 7 PC, we received an error "Default entry: Awaiting return value from uploader.exe" and the execution of Client Configuration Tool stopped.

The solution is here. This problem was caused by Java. As far as our PCs update their Java all the time, they had the newest Java, of course. In order to solve the issue we uninstalled current Java on this PC first, then Java version 1.7 Update51 was installed. Super! Now our Client Configuration Tool was executed without any errors, and we could run CAD installation then.

Hope my advise will help you, if you face this problem in your UCCX.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Calling Number on Agent's Phone Display (UCCX)

Hi all,

A few days ago I answered a question from a reader of the blog regarding the problem of displaying Caller ID on UCCX agent's phone. The problem was like that: at the time of an incoming call to the agent, its Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD) displays the correct Calling number of the caller; but the agent's IP phone shows the number of IVR-port. After the agent answers, the phone shows the right CLID, ie the number of the caller. Strange? Indeed! Is it possible to change this behavior and to see the right CLID on both CAD and the IP Phone before agent's answer?

Friday, February 27, 2015

Ringback Tone Instead of MOH When Making Call to an Agent (UCCX)

Hello friends,

Today we talk about a scenario for you UCCX, which implements the ability to send the ringback tone to the caller when the call is sent to the agent, and the agent's phone rings. The problem is that when a call is sent to an agent, in fact, CUCM performs a call transfer, and therefore the caller is put on hold (it is done by CUCM). That's why the caller hears Music On Hold (MOH), that is natural. But very often customers do not like it, and they want to hear a ringback tone  instead of MOH. How to play a ringback tone during the call to the agent will be discussed in this post.