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Friday, February 27, 2015

Ringback Tone Instead of MOH When Making Call to an Agent (UCCX)

Hello friends,

Today we talk about a scenario for you UCCX, which implements the ability to send the ringback tone to the caller when the call is sent to the agent, and the agent's phone rings. The problem is that when a call is sent to an agent, in fact, CUCM performs a call transfer, and therefore the caller is put on hold (it is done by CUCM). That's why the caller hears Music On Hold (MOH), that is natural. But very often customers do not like it, and they want to hear a ringback tone  instead of MOH. How to play a ringback tone during the call to the agent will be discussed in this post.

Because changing the algorithm of sending the call to the agent (ie, the fact of transfer) is not possible in CUCM/UCCX, then in order to solve the problem we will substitute the existing MOH file with the MOH file playing ringback. I have such MOH file with ringback. The name of the file is ringback.wav and we will use it in our example. It should be noted that you can play any other message (wav-file), such as "Call is sent to the agent.", instead of the file with ringback.

So, at the first stage, we need to download and configure the MOH file with ringback tone in our CUCM. Everything is standard here, and the sequence is the same as you set up a regular MOH file. As usual, I illustrate all with screenshots.

Select the file ringback.wav:

ringback.wav has been uploaded and converted into CUCM successfully: 

Then let's assign a name and a number for our ringback file (Media Resourses -> Music On Hold Audio Source). To play our ringback in a circle we use the checkbox Play Continuously:

Next, go to the administration interface of UCCX and select the desired Call Control Group, comprising IVR ports through which the call gets into your script. They carry out a transfer, and their settings MOH will influence what file is played at a transfer (Network Hold Audio Source):

For Network Hold Audio Source set the file ringback.wav:

Save and wait for the system to apply the new settings to ports in the Call Control Group. These settings can be made via CUCM as well, but in this case we will have to do the settings for each IVR port individually, which is inconvenient with a large number of ports. Therefore, we prefer the configuration through UCCX:

Now let's make test calls and check. Wow, our problem is solved: when making a call to the agent we hear the desired ringback tone.

PS. A similar task was previously one of the questions for CCIE Voice lab.


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  2. Hi Benda,
    Thank you verymuch for this nice post. I did this on our new standalone UCCX Vm ver 10.5. Post above steps uccx was playing the old "MOH". After doing UCCX reboot it got fixed. But I am wondering which "service" should i had to restart as I am not ahppy wiht my fix :

    1. Hi bibin, most likely this is UCCX Engine, because it does all call processing and script execution in UCCX.

  3. Hi Benda,

    Thanks for this great post, it was really helpful.

    I did the above but still i'm unable to get ringback when dialed internally.


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