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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Calling Number on Agent's Phone Display (UCCX)

Hi all,

A few days ago I answered a question from a reader of the blog regarding the problem of displaying Caller ID on UCCX agent's phone. The problem was like that: at the time of an incoming call to the agent, its Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD) displays the correct Calling number of the caller; but the agent's IP phone shows the number of IVR-port. After the agent answers, the phone shows the right CLID, ie the number of the caller. Strange? Indeed! Is it possible to change this behavior and to see the right CLID on both CAD and the IP Phone before agent's answer?

The answer is yes, you can do it, but only in the new releases of UCCX, since 10.0. The problem lays in the fact that before the agent answers the call, CUCM performs a consultative transfer to agent, and, therefore, the phone shows IVR-port Calling Number instead of the caller's CLID.

In the new releases of UCCX this problem is eliminated with the new command in the CLI. Prior to release 10.0 this command was not available. So open your UCCX CLI and enter the following command:

utils uccx icd clid enable

Then you need to restart UCCX Engine and check the system behavior. On the agent's phone screen you will see by default a header Customer CLID is, followed by the number of the caller. If you do not like the default inscription "Customer CLID is", it can be changed also from the UCCX CLI (utils uccx icd clid header).

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  1. To change the default inscription use this cli command:
    utils uccx icd clid prefix "The caller is: "

    The command utils uccx icd clid header only changes the header of the box.