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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New CVP Scripting Course (CVPS)

Hi my dear friends,

Today I'm pleased to inform you about a new activity of my training center. Knowledge Club Slovakia s.r.o (Bratislava, Slovakia) and Microtest LLC (Moscow, Russia) proudly introduce new Cisco course named CVPS. We would like to announce our own developed CVP Scripting (CVPS) course which is designed for Cisco Systems by ourselves with our safe lab environment and well-skilled instructors. The training is available either onsite (in the classroom) or online (via Cisco Webex).

In this course, you'll gain an understanding of Cisco Unified CVP operations and basic CVP Scripting. This new course focuses on basic scripting and troubleshooting of Cisco Unified CVP Call Studio for comprehensive and standalone deployment models. The students will learn how to make their own new Call Studio Projects, how to validate, deploy and debug them. There is a strong emphasis on lab oriented tasks for learners to design and verify Cisco Unified Call Studio Projects. The students are expected to troubleshoot and resolve any issues that arise during the labs.
The course is developed for partners and field support personnel who are responsible for implementation or administration of a Cisco Unified CVP in customer enterprise networks, specifically individuals filling these roles.

This course is spefically developed by Knowledge Club Slovakia in cooperation with Microtest LLC (Russia) for CVP Admins due to the request of Cisco Systems in order to provide the additional information about developing CVP Call Studio projects.

The first CVPS course will be delivered at Istanbul, Turkey on 26 - 29.09.2016. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. We will be happy to assist you, for your corporate customers or individuals who are interested in all UCCE Solutions with hands-on-labs aggregation series.

Here comes the course index:

Lesson 1. What is CVP? CVP Solution Overview.
-        - CVP Overview
-        - CVP Components
-        - CVP Comprehensive Model Call Flow (with ICM)

Lesson 2. Making VXML projects with Cisco Unified Call Studio
-        - Call Studio Overview
-        - VXML Project Properties
-        - Importing / Exporting VXML Projects
-        - Deploying Call Studio Projects on CVP VXML Server

Lesson 3 Survivability, Administration and Logs
-        - Call Survivability during CVP Call Server Failure
-        - Configuring survivability.tcl application
-        - Using the Studio Debugger to test applications within Studio
-        - Using Studio Documenter to print Visio-like diagrams of the application
-        - Using logs for debugging applications

Lesson 4. Using Call Studio Native Elements
-        - Element Properties Overview
-        - Audio Element
-        - Digit / Digit with Confirm , Number / Number with Confirm Elements
-        - Menu Elements
-        - Decision Element
-        - Action Element
-        - CVP Subdialog Return Element
-        - Understanding Variables
-        - Sending data from/to ICM
-        - Working with multiple pages at Call Studio. Connectors

Lesson 5 Using Customized Call Studio Elements
-        - *.java to *.jar Conversion via Call Studio
-        - Installing *.jar Files at Call Studio and CVP VXML Server

Lesson 6 Integration with MS SQL Database
-        - JNDI Configuration
-        - Database Lookup Element
-        - Processing Multiple MS SQL Queries
-        - Using of Built-in Functions at the ICM

Lesson 7 Post Call Survey at UCCE
-        - Enabling Post Call Survey at ICM
-        - Configuring CVP Dialed Patterns
-        - ICM and CVP Call Studio Sample Scripts for Post Call Survey
-        - Record Element
-        - Email Element

Lesson 8 Temporary IVR Handoff
-        - Use Case / Challenge (Why to use IVR Handoff?)
-        - IVR Handoff Call Flow
-        - IVR Handoff Features and Caveats
-        - Sample ICM script and Call Studio Application

Lesson 9 Multi-language Call Studio Application and Transfer to Another VXML Application
-        - Creating a Multi-language Call Studio Application
- Transfer control from one application to another via Application Transfer


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